History of the Colorado Cooperative Company

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History of the Vestal House

Lincoln and Amy Vestal joined the Colorado Cooperative Company in 1900.  Lincoln was heavily involved with the company as president, a director,  general manager, and superintendent.  They made their home on their acreage on Tabeguache Park in anticipation of the irrigation ditch.  They eventually sold their property to the Town Improvement Company. The Vestal property was the most scenic and logical area to build the town. 



  Owners throughout include Mary Buckley, Margaret Galley, Lee and Imogene Fagan, and John and Mary Helen deKoevend.

 Mr. deKoevend had plans to build a restaurant on the  property. Half way through the construction a medical issue forced him to abandon the project. The restaurant remained unfinished. Left was a brick shell. The old restaurant dining room is now the guest rooms and the the old kitchen and bathroom is now a common area with kitchen.

The Vestal House at Tabeguache Park